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Green Capital

Right in the hart of The Hague, on top of the former Philips building. You find one of the biggest commercial agriculture gardens of Europe.

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INWORK Management

7-Steps INWORK Management

Seven practicale management tools, suitable for every green minded company. As Green Economics is the spill of every modern organisation then we have to adapt an awarness that is creatable.
INWORK Management is a set of simple techniques to improve an awarness, suitable for every design of company, branche or size.

In seven steps we discover weaknesses and provide tools to turn them into your strenghts. We approach seven nescesarry sustainability factors within your business model. Then we show you how much you can save your company budget if you choose a green economic mindsetting.

INWORK Agro and Food

Agriculture is the spill in green economics. Not only what we eat, but also how it's cultivate is important for all of us.

INWORK Agro and Food is a program where we raise fundings to accomplish several project where agriculture and food are the main subject. Here in we look at local farmers, city farmers, seedproducers, distribution and food-selling-points.

INWORK Agro and Food just started a project at the dock of Rotteredam. The organisators have devolloped a plan partly use the environment as a local food market. This market is based on the principal of organic and biologic food processors and produced by city and local farmers.

The dock symbolise the character of Rotterdam as trading place. From history Rotterdam is well know as the largest port of Europe and trademarkets. INWORK AGRO and FOOD are small projects we're we would like you to participate in. Our goal is to better understand food processing and knowing where your food is coming from. Together we can build and help to gain a better understanding of our food industry. How we can benefit of logical biologic processes and how we can contribute in making our food more nutrient.



INWORK MEDIA makes sure that sustainibility programs are audiotaped and shared with other people and companies. It's not only about gratitude to a companies efford or a personal charicterization. We believe that sharing good examples will contribute to an overall awarness. We can learn of other experiences and it helps us to be more creative about solving environmental issues.

That's why INWORK MEDIA is a very important step in realising an awarness and statement in what it means to actually practise green economics.

INWORK MEDIA works through traditional media and new media funnels like internet and social media. Internet media and spreading content is one of our most important activities.

    You found time to consider your companies sustainability. Please share your question beneath


    You found time to consider your companies sustainability. Please share your question beneath

    We live in a time, where we are pointed out to our social responsibility. Together we are aware of our environmental conditions. Instead of doing harm and neglect, we remember the importance of environmental goals. Cherish our natural goods and avoid purposely and permanent damage. Now it’s time to rebuild and reestablish and let’s do it between now and tomorrow. Green economics creates creativity in a way of thinking. Do business in a human kind of way. Create awareness, make a strategy and be actively involved
    Kind Regards, Tripl-A

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    Re-analyse your company structure.
    Create a true awarness
    Finalise small adaptions
    That's what Tripl-A services are all about
    Our sustainibility programs show you how sustainibility will be a more profitable way of running your business.

    In recent assignments we see that sustainibility works. We see how minor details have a possitive effect on people and total costs. Little things can have huge impact on decreasing company costs. For example, plastic coffee cups, we often overlook these kind of expenses. In the recent past we designed personalized, sustainable and easy cleanable coffecups for staff and visitors. The company expanses on that point were reduced by 20%. Wich amount to nearly 40 K per year.

  • A healty balans, steady cashflow, financial reports that just match up. Don't we all want that? Well reality has proven to be quite a bit different. Instead of budgetdown, sustainability means reducing costs by reusing or recycling company elementsin order to get the same job done.

    Simple company costs are very often overlooked. At the same time we are cutting off fundamental elements of our staff or company resources. Our goal is to look at details where recycling and reusing can be used in order to re-esthablish a healty financial environment.We are focused on sustainibility programs where we look at energy, waste and water solutions and the actual workingplace conditions. Concluding to that we summarize our findings into financial reports and forecasts.

    We are always up for a challange. In our opinion there are multiple and relative easy solutions to degrease total company costs. Call us between now and tomorrow.

  • We rely on a vision, as marketeers we find way's to communicate an ideoligy within sustainibility programs.

    Go deeper into the emotional bond between a services or product and people using it and people working hard to create it. We are a non profit organisation. We work through collaboration and associates with companies sharing a simular vision. Our payments are fully considered as contributions in sustainibility programs. lightning video editors. This team registrate on video a company ideoligy and is well experienced in letting a video go viral. These online marketeers know what SEO and Public awarness means.

  • Tripl-A offers several sponsorships. We declare a specific awarness with partners, participents and consumers. Our goal is to actively involve them within sustainibility programs. If your company has got a good sustainibility plan or willing to make one, we can offer a company sponsorship program. Here in we are focussed on public donations and widen a public awarness regarding your company specific sustainibilty plan. A green vision is our fuel, our campaigns are about reuse, reduce and recycle.

  • Tripl-A

    • Tripl-A works through collaboration and independent consultants. Our specific mission is greening up companies and that's why we're continues looking for competent consultants sharing a similar philosophy. People are the only one who can make sustainability programs succeed. Let's do it together between now and tomorrow

    • Do You also share a green vision? we are always intrested in meeting consultants so please share your motivation with us. On the right, you can view our open vacancies.

    • As financial director you are responsible for the project financial infrastructure. You will manage in and outcoming financial flow's where you are responisible to finetune all financial data. You communicate with the projectdirector and state all managers of the financial projectplanning.

    • In the daily proces we have a Dutch/Belgium team who is responsible of making Tripl-A a straight forewarding organisation. They are skilled and always busy to detect trends, making financial prognoses or brainstorming about strategies to green up companies. We're proudly fond they represent their work in name of Tripl-A.

    • Working globally means that we can benefit of an excellent twinning and exchange program. Making it possible to learn and share experiences. A way of thinking, A way of involvement and A way of collecting resources, is what bond us together.

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